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    What does public domain mean?

    In short, public domain images are not restricted by copyright and do not require a license to be used in your projects. A public domain status allows users unrestricted access and unlimited transformation and without permission. It literally says that the public owns it, so public domain status allows the user unrestricted access and unlimited creativity

    The 1917 Electric Car

    A Detroit Genius Claimed to Have Solved the “Gasoline Substitute” Problem for Automobiles in 1917. He Utilizes a Very Simple Electrical Phenom¬≠enon-That of “Electrolysis” or the Decomposition of WatPr by the Passage of An Electric Current Thru It. The Hydrogen Gas Evolved Is Mixed With Air and Past Into the Engine Cylinders. The Inventor States That It Is More Economical Than Gasoline Because of the Higher Explosive Value of the Hydrogen-Air Mixture.